Don’t touch me!

17 Dec

Thought I’d share some TSA links today.  First up:

Dear TSA agent, that’s NOT a gun in his pocket and he is NOT happy to see you.  In all seriousness ARE they serious?  Someone please tell me this is doctored!

Here’s another link that I found on this blog:

That’s just great.  So we teach our kids to say “don’t touch me like that” and then stand by helplessly while government officials completely ignore them and reduce them to hysterics.  Apparently this could have been made easier if they would have given the child her security bear back and allowed her to calm down.  You know instead of patting down the same leg again and again despite her protests about being touched.  How many times did the agent need to revise the legs of a 3 year old child in form fitting pants to make sure there was no bomb?  Does anyone think that agent really suspected a bomb in the first place?

This is what happens when security becomes procedure oriented instead of intelligence oriented. Not only are we conducting useless pat downs and body scans, but they are being conducted by people who don’t have the training to know when to stop and allow a parent to comfort their child.  Or allow the child to have the already scanned security bear that they were keeping from her.

Thank you TSA for teaching small children that they have no say over their bodies and their parents can’t protect them.  Way to promote safety.


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