TSA wants to play a dangerous game with your kids

27 Dec

If you listened to the full report at the link in my previous post you will also hear them saying that they plan to teach agents to treat the pat downs like a game for small kids.  First of all, TSA agents and all government officials need to be taught to follow the parents lead when it comes to their children.

Furthermore Ken Wooden, a leading expert on sexual abuse, states very clearly that teaching children that unwanted touching is a game places children at greater risk for sexual abuse.  Of course it’s also common sense.  In fact pedophiles were recently interviewed on the Oprah Winfrey show and openly admitted to using games, tickling, massages and other similar tactics to groom their victims.  They state they did these things with parents nearby to increase the child’s belief that it was fine.

This is an extremely dangerous practice and provides further evidence that TSA is not listening to research.  They are simply pushing forward with their own agenda and ignoring both the complaints of the people they serve and common sense.  Write your representatives TODAY and tell that protection can NOT come in the form of violating our constitutional rights and the rights of our children.



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