New Year’s Resolution

3 Jan

Looking for a good New Year’s Resolution?  How about saving the country from a total corrosion and corruption of it’s most basic rights?  How about standing up for what is right and good whether you are personally affected or not; whether anyone else joins you or not?

We allowed TSA to look at our bare feet and confiscate our belongings because we didn’t think it was that big of an inconvenience.  Now they are looking at our naked bodies.  Will we let this slide because we don’t make eye contact with the person who is viewing us?

Some think that those who oppose these searches are just prudes.  Is it prudish to refuse to show your body on demand?  Is it prudish to draw a line in the sand and say that my rights will not be violated anymore?

Or is it the right thing to do?

Let’s resolve this year to defend our country. Let’s resolve to get so involved in the cause against TSA’s practices that our representatives will know us by name.  Let’s fill their inboxes, mailboxes and voice mails.  Let’s give them one more reason to dread Mondays.

Write your reps every Monday until the madness ends.  Tell a friend.  Share a link.  Keep the buzz going.  Tell them you’ll be reporting their responses and do so here.  Let’s keep the pressure on.


2 Responses to “New Year’s Resolution”

  1. Luis January 3, 2011 at 12:49 am #

    Hi, I was reading your blog about TSA, and I can tell you that I rethinking my views about the Arizona Law. I was a big defender of this law, but now that we have these issues with TSA I see similarities between them. The principal is that both in some way violate our civil rights. One touches you like a criminal and the other one obligates you to identify yourself in order to show you are not a criminal. Both violate our rights, so now according to the goverment we are CRIMINALS until we prove the contrary and WE CANNOT GIVE UP OUR RIGHTS FOR A LITTLE MORE SECURITY. THIS IS AMERICA THE LAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE.

    • writingformyrights January 3, 2011 at 11:29 am #

      Luis, It all sounds really good doesn’t it? Keep us safe from terrorists and violent drug lords–who doesn’t want that? Then the next thing we know we are walking around proving our own innocence, afraid to draw attention to ourselves. That’s not a way to live and these tactics aren’t working anyway. We have brilliant minds in our country. We need to put them to use.

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