Orlando International Airport pt 1

3 Jan

Orlando International Airport forwarded my TSA complaint letter:

I am writing to inform you of my outrage at the new TSA procedures which involve body scans and invasive pat downs.  These procedures violate my 4th amendment rights and would be considered assault in any other context.  I do not believe they make us safer.  They create an atmosphere of fear, and discourage tourism.  I have family in your area and travel their frequently but I will not be using your airport until these procedures have changed.  I will stay home.  If you want me to spend money in your airport you will act quickly to rectify this situation.


Jennifer Bartlett

to Scott Moss who, in addition to being kind enough to ignore my blatant typo, sent the following in reply:

Dear Ms. Bartlett,

Thank you for your comments regarding TSA procedures.  Our partners in security at the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority have shared this feedback in order for us to provide additional information.

We sincerely value all such feedback and send updates to our TSA leadership on how the traveling public perceives our agency and the security measures put in place to protect passengers.

As a traveler myself and the father of two daughters, I understand the concerns that many citizens have regarding the procedures that are currently in the news and getting so much attention.  I have had family members address their concerns with me and offer their viewpoints on how the media is portraying our processes.

I’m attaching a couple of links that may help clarify the new procedures and hopefully correct some of the misinformation that exists.



Please feel free to contact me directly with any additional questions regarding TSA or our procedures at Orlando International Airport.


Scott Moss

Customer Support/Quality Improvement Manager

Transportation Security Administration

Orlando International Airport

5850 T. G. Lee Blvd. Suite 610

Orlando, FL 32822

office: 407-563-4084


Sigh.  Mr Moss, your courteous tone is appreciated but you fall short when you address arguments I have not made.  All of the info provided in your links CONFIRMS my concerns that my fourth amendment rights are being violated!  I’m not misinformed, confused, or being sucked into media drama–in fact I rarely watch major news networks.  I am simply appalled by the downward spiral we are on!


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