Airports that contain body scanners

6 Jan

Here is a link to a list of airports that have the new scanners.  For anyone who is boycotting, or anyone who is out of the country and can not write a representative you may also want to consider writing to an airport or airline to express your disgust.  Let them know that this is costing them money and you expect them to put some pressure on!

Not sure that you’ll be heard?  Consider the airports like the Orlando airport that are considering hiring private security instead as a result of customer complaints.  From the article linked

An airport spokeswoman tells Aol News the action is in response to consumer complaints about TSA staff: The move would give the airport greater oversight of the operations, she said.

Unfortunately this would not relieve us of our problems since TSA would continue to remain as a supervising presence and the private companies must follow TSA guidelines.  But it does show that the complaints are being heard.  We must continue to push airlines and airports to speak up on our behalf and eliminate these practices altogether.  Private companies are not enough.  The travel industry needs to stand firm in the position that the purchase of their service should NOT make their CLIENTS guilty until proven innocent of terrorism.


One Response to “Airports that contain body scanners”

  1. edgeofthesandbox January 7, 2011 at 5:53 am #

    Thanks for the list. I definitely want to avoid the scanners.

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