Orlando International Airport pt 2

6 Jan

Undaunted by the obvious attempt to distract me with an unrelated argument, I have sent the following reply Mr.  Scott Moss:

Mr Moss,
Thank you for posting the official procedures. It is good to know what the official protocol is, so if people are treated differently/abusively, one can complain.  I would be interested in knowing how you handle those with religious objections or with those with histories of sexual abuse or other psychological trauma.
While it is helpful to know people have a right to things like private rooms, witnesses in a private room, informing officers of medical devices, or assisting in their child’s screening I continue to disagree with the new procedures.
In the first place I do not believe we should be subjected to this level of exposure unless there is probable cause to believe that evidence of a crime would be discovered.  And then I believe that the officer should only be allowed to search the area they believe that evidence to be located.  I believe the constitution affords me this level of privacy.
In the second place I do not believe that these procedures are making us safer.  I do not believe confiscating water, removing shoes and belts are making us safer either.  I believe your agency makes a mistake when the focus of your resources is spent looking for bombs.  We can not keep bombs off the planes.  We can only keep terrorists off the planes, and a terrorist will always be able to hide a bomb.  Off hand, I can think of a handful of areas that I HOPE you’ll never be allowed to search.
To the best of my knowledge TSA has yet to catch a terrorist and the terrorists who have been thwarted have been spotted by educated passengers.  Israeli officials also use intelligence and research to focus their efforts on looking for the terrorist instead of just the bomb.  It seems like we can be more productive and less invasive by taking such an approach.
At any rate I am unwilling to submit myself or my children to these procedures.  I hope that your agency will listen to the outrage expressed by people on all sides of the political aisle and reconsider your tactics.  I will continue to ask my representatives, airports, airlines and all concerned to take appropriate action if you are unwilling to do so.

So far I have not received a response.  I will keep you posted.


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