No rights, no safety, and no private contractors

31 Jan

According to a report by CNN John Pistole has decided to eliminate the competition.  Apparently more and more airports were opting to hire private companies to conduct the screenings and he “didn’t see the advantage”.  What?  Since when does there need to be an advantage for a company to continue to exercise it’s right to conduct business using the contractors it would like as opposed to the ones assigned to them?  I mean they do have to pay for security whether it is TSA or a private company.

Now some reports argue that private security is more effective than TSA, but the counter argument to that is that when they performed their own security tests they found both companies to be equal.  Are you ready for the really good news?  Both TSA and the private contractors who are required to follow TSA policies did NOT find the BOMB that was planted on the person testing their systems.

It’s Monday.  Time to send more letter asking our representative to stop allowing our rights to be violated by people who can’t even find bombs specifically planted to be picked up by their security devices let alone the ones that real terrorists would use to try and get past them.


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